Japan, as it was, is still here in Kyoto. This is a delicate city with old buildings oozing with character. It’s refined. It personifies the spirit we Japanese want to project. Do visit the shrines and temples but do also take home with the unspoken, intangible grace. Our hope is that your trip to Kyoto helps you see the deeper Japan. Kyoto offers an experience that is unique to this city, something very difficult to express in words. It's not just the visual. The food here, tofu, match, and kaiseki is to be enjoyed with the five senses as is the culture personified throughout the city. There are so many temples and shrines it's impossible to see them all in one visit. Please do make Kyoto one of your stops in your travels to Japan.

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Kyoto Koyo 2021

KYOTO KOYO 仁和寺 ライトアップ 2021年10月29日~12月5日金・土・日・祝日のみ開催 (11月19,20日は入場できない) 18時から21時(17時30分受付開始 20時受付終了) 夜間特別拝観料 大人1,000円 高校生以下無料 *嵐電(京福電鉄) 「御室仁和寺駅」 徒歩約3分 *駐車場無し   東寺 ライトアップ 2021年10月30日~12月12日(期間中無休) ...




Gion Festival: Decadent and flamboyant, one of Japan’s top three festivals

Yasaka Jinja (Shrine) is located in the Gion district of Kyoto. In July, Kyoto is filled with the sound of music coming from the floats that are elaborately and decadently decorated. Multiple festival...