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FUKUOKA Prefecture

The Three Munakata Goddesses

FUKUOKA Prefecture 福岡県

Kyushu Island is the southern most of Japan’s four largest islands. On the northern tip of the island is the city of Fukuoka. A generally warm-year-around city it has been known to see snow. It’s proximity to our Asian neighbors means it’s a city with many tourists from nearby. Direct flights and overall easy access mean you’re just as likely to hear Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Russian here. Shopping areas in Hakata and Tenjin are a especially popular. Fukuoka is known for its food. Ramen, a staple everywhere these days has a new twist in Fukuoka called Hakata ramen. Fukuoka also is home to motsunabe and mizutaki. Foreigners are definitely welcome at eateries here where you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal. The river in town is lined with many small stalls selling the chef’s special and an evening stroll around the Nakasu area will definitely leave you with special memories. The scent from the stalls and the lights reflecting off the river are serene and beautiful.

Town and Must-see Spots

  • A city that’s reminiscent of post-war Japan, the population here hovers around 1 million. Home of the toilet-revolution, the manufacturer TOTO has its headquarters and Yasukawa Electric, a famous robotics company is here as well.

  • The City of Fukuoka has seen an upswing in youth moving in and the population has reached 1.5 million. The city boasts historical tourists sites and many festivals.

  • Sugawara no Michizane came to the City of Dazaifu from Kyoto 1200 years ago to pursue academics. Hence, Dazaifukutenmangu is known as the God of Study.

  • Drive west from Fukuoka Airport and you'll end up along a coast whee you wil see windsurfers and cafes. An elegant mixture of cute cafes and tucked away resorts.

  • One of a few Japan's tea towns. Recently known for harvesting the famous strawberry "Ama-o" now known all over Asia. These strawberries are a find. Track one down and taste.

  • About one hour from Hakata, here you can see life as it was 100 years ago. White hedged walls are known here. Terraced fields and a unique agricultural scenery awaits.

Movies about the FUKUOKA Prefecture

  • TOBATA Gion OoYamagasa : UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • The City to Encounter Wine : Fukuoka Our recommendations



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