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About Japan-Search

Japan-Search is Omotenashi: Hospitality and generosity at the next level

The Japanese archipelago is made up of four main islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu with many other smaller and gorgeous islands such as Okinawa lying around them like encrusted jewels.

Japan is a beautiful country. A country of exquisite flavors and kindness.

For those who don’t know much about Japan; those who have heard about it and are just starting to discover its mysteries and beauties; those who have already fallen in love with Japan, our goal is to take you to new heights and depths. You may already know Tokyo and Kyoto. Japan has many unique cities, all with something special to offer. Inspirational experiences and extraordinary cuisine are waiting. Japan-search.jp will show you where to go and how, what to eat and where.

Japan-search.jp, as its name implies, is where you can search about Japan and learn more about the country. We want to be your gateway to Japan, to welcome you and your family here. It is with that intention that we are creating these videos and building this site.

Japan-search.jp will welcome you to Japan by raising the bar that is omotenashi (hospitality/manners/graciousness). We balance familiarity with respect: You are family, that friend we’ve not seen for years, and our client. We offer a higher level of hospitality. We do this because we take pride in showing you our country and want you to know its beauty, glory, sensitivity, and charm.

No matter which video you watched that made you want to take this trip, our goal is to help you foster and cherish that special connection with Japan. Let us show you a Japan like no other. Let us help you experience the magic that Japan has to offer.

JapanSearch Co., Ltd.


あなたが日本に来た時に昔から知る友人があなたを迎えるように、Japan-search.jp(ジャパンサーチ)は精一杯の親切を詰め込んでお迎えしたい。貴方が日本で感動に出逢えることを心から願って。サポートします。また、日本人がよく使う言葉に「OSEKKAI」という言葉があります。それは相手が望んでいなかったことまでやってくれることです。それは愛情からくる母が子供にしてしまう事に似ています。そんな日本人の「OMOIYARI」を少しでも感じて頂けるように。一歩踏み込んだ情報やサービスを提供できることを目標にしています「KAYUI TOKORO-NI TEGA-TODOKU」サイトとして、貴方の笑顔に会える日を心待ちに発信してゆきます。

JapanSearch株式会社 代表取締役 AMIY MORI

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設立年月日 2017年6月1日
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