• City of Oita

City of Oita

City of Oita 大分市

The Rugby World Cup. It's happening. In September 2019 you'll want to make your way to the City of Beppu where many of the world's best rugby teams will do battle. Those lucky enough to visit should feast upon the fish and meat available here. Don't, and you'll definitely regret it.

Mt. Takasaki



Oita Prefectural Art Museum

Oita Prefecture Art Museum Located through a shopping arcade easily accessible from Oita Station, here you can see traditional bamboo crafts.



Saga-no-seki is famous for its crossing currents. The mackerel and horse mackerel caught here are a particular delicay as the quality of the fish meat is tight and rich. The fish are caught in a way not to add stress and this means it’s more expensive. Sold in high-end restaurants, this is a regional favorite...


  • About city of Oita

    A landmark rebuilt and opened last year, Ohita Station is a must-stop. Shopping options are plentiful, and our recommendation is the supermarket in the back of the souvenir shop. Here you can find items that are unique to daily Japanese life. Ohita is known for a treasure-trove of food options. You’re sure to find a gem of an item to eat, enjoy, and take home.

  • Oita Showa Denko Stadium (Oita Sports Park)

    This stadium will be a hot spot worldwide with the Rugby World Cup that began on September 20, 2019. All eyes will be on this place with the world’s strongest athletes congregating here. The space here is 253 hectares. There is a track field, and grounds where you can see and play rugby, football, baseball, and tennis. The gymnasium that opened on May 1, 2019 is a beautiful Japanese structure where you can see traditional Japanese martial arts. From Oita Airport there is a bus (South Liner) for Saeki Station called Park Express Oita that takes 70 minutes. As there are a limited number of buses that run per day, our recommendation is to take the airport express bus Air Liner to Oita Station and take a taxi (about 30 minutes).