• City of Kumamoto

City of Kumamoto

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City of Kumamoto 熊本市

The City of Kumamoto is about 30 minutes away from the City of Fukuoka by bullet train and two hours away by bus, an easily accessible location. In the center of the city is the iconic Kumamoto Castle with narrow alleys surrounding the nearby neighborhoods, a popular gathering spot for students, locals, and tourists alike. Known as one of Kyushu's two famous ramen cities, the pork-based tonkotsu broth ramen is not to be missed. In September 2019 the city will host the Rugby World Cup and in November of 2019 the Womens Handball World Championships will take place here. Both are not to be missed.


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Sakuranobaba Josaien

Sakuranobaba Josaien Located at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, here you can find an alley with 23 eateries. Seasonal events take place here throughout the year.


Kumamoto Castle

  Kumamoto Castle Severely damaged in the earthquake of 2016, Kumamoto Castle is currently undergoing repair work in certain areas, making not all parts accessible. Known as one of Japan’s top three castles, Kumamoto Castle was built in Keicho 12 (1607)  by Kato Kiyomasa. An interesting point to note about the construction of the castle...


Suizenji Joju-en

Suizenji Joju-en Just as famous as Kumamoto Castle, this park in Kumamoto is a well-known must-see spot. The Momoyama-style chisen-kaiyushiki garden with a pond in the middle and walking paths surrounding the pond covers 73,000 square meters and has been a favorite for Kumamoto residents for hundreds of years. The park originated with a teahouse,...


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