• City of Beppu

City of Beppu

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City of Beppu 別府市

The City of Beppu in Oita Prefecture. This city is most famous for having the largest quantity of underground hot springs. Consider it a spa resort town. With over 300 areas from which the water flows out the city and residential homes are full of incredible sources of hot springs. Multiple health benefits are touted from these waters. Our recommendation is that you stay for an extended period of time, visiting the onsens that offer a variety of these mineral-rich waters.


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  • Kannawa Onsen

  • Yanagi-ya



Shouningahama park

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Otto e Sette Oita

Otto e Sette Oita In this onsen spa district of Tetsuwa where large plumes of steam blow out of the streets here and there is an Italian restaurant named after the numbers eight and seven, Otto e Sette. These numbers denote this region from days past. The owner uses only food items available from the...


Sally Garden Inn Tohji Yanagiya

Sally Garden Inn Tohji Yanagi-ya One of eight baths in Beppu, Kan’nawa is a town where the atmosphere is reminiscent of old and quaint therapeutic baths. Maintaining the tradition from the Meiji era (late 1800s) of the tohjiba, a long-term stay onsen, today this inn has been remodeled into a Japanese-modern style. The main building...


  • About city of Beppu

    This is a city for onsen-lovers. An onsen paradise, Beppu is known even within the Prefecture of Oita--the prefecture with the most onsens within Japan--a favorite among favorites. Try the sand bath where you can warm your body with hot sand. Do be careful as some of the onsens are considered off limits. Many of the onsens are said to help with improving blood circulation.

  • Jigoku-mushi (“Hell Steam”)

    Beppu boasts many natural hot springs, and the Beppu-style of cooking utilizes this heat source to steam just about everyone. Among these many different style of steamed foods, our recommendation is the pork and chicken that is “Hell Steamed” using baskets.