• OITA Prefecture

OITA Prefecture

The City to Encounter Wine : Oita and Beppu Our recommendations

OITA Prefecture 大分県

Kyushu is the southern most of Japan’s four islands. The Prefecture of Oita is located on the right side of Kyushu and is close to both Honshu and Shikoku, a perfect place to arrive by ferry or a cruise. If you are coming from by ferry the Kansai region, you will get here by the time you wake up. You’ll sail on inland waters so the waves are calm.

This region is known for having many brand-name food items. In 2018, the beef here, a wagyu brand called Bungogyu claimed first prize. The Seki horse mackerel and Seki mackerel will cost you a pretty penny if you eat them in restaurants in Tokyo. There is also a type of fugu [blowfish] unique to the region. Kabosu, a distinct citrus is also from here.

Hot springs [onsens] are also plentiful. Eat the local delicacies and relax in hot water after.

Town and Must-see Spots

  • The new landmark in town is the newly reconstructed Oita Station. Walk through the shopping arcade and you'll come to the prefectural art museum OPA. Walk through the traditional crafts exhibit. Our favorite is the bamboo.

  • One of the world's best hot springs village, we want you to visit with intention of staying for a few days. Many of the hot springs have unique types of water, and this area is said to have the most underground springs.

  • It’s as if time stood still. It’s almost a miracle how much tradition and “old Japan” has been left in this city. Deep in the mountains you will find untouched shrines and temples from days long ago that are hidden between the trees.

  • One of the most popular tourist sites of late due to the high-end ryokans in the area. Surrounded by mountains and beautiful formations.

  • White-hedges and walls line this city and here lived the famous military commander Yoshishige Ohtomo. This area is known for its Christian marytrs who gave up their lives for their faith.

  • On the southern tip of Oita Prefecture, here you want to climb up to the hills to watch the sunset. Near the station is a reasonable walking route where you'll see the remains of a castle and can enjoy tea on the premesis.

Movies about the OITA Prefecture

  • The City to Encounter Wine : Oita and Beppu Our recommendations



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  • Ohita Station

    A landmark rebuilt and opened last year, Ohita Station is a must-stop. Shopping options are plentiful, and our recommendation is the supermarket in the back of the souvenir shop. Here you can find items that are unique to daily Japanese life. Ohita is known for a treasure-trove of food options. You’re sure to find a gem of an item to eat, enjoy, and take home.

  • Oita Showa Denko Stadium (Oita Sports Park)

    This stadium will be a hot spot worldwide with the Rugby World Cup that began on September 20, 2019. All eyes will be on this place with the world’s strongest athletes congregating here. The space here is 253 hectares. There is a track field, and grounds where you can see and play rugby, football, baseball, and tennis. The gymnasium that opened on May 1, 2019 is a beautiful Japanese structure where you can see traditional Japanese martial arts. From Oita Airport there is a bus (South Liner) for Saeki Station called Park Express Oita that takes 70 minutes. As there are a limited number of buses that run per day, our recommendation is to take the airport express bus Air Liner to Oita Station and take a taxi (about 30 minutes).