• KUMAMOTO Prefecture

KUMAMOTO Prefecture

The City to Encounter Wine : Kumamoto Our recommendations

KUMAMOTO Prefecture 熊本県

Japan’s southern, large island, Kyushu Island. On the left side is Kumamoto. Known as a place where good food is available for a reasonable price, here is a hidden gem with spectacular stories.
We do not often discuss religion here in Japan, but it warrants mention that at a time when Japan was not well known to the outside world, missionaries arrived in Kumamoto and spread Christianity. Many dedicated Japanese Christians came out of this period and as a result, battles protecting Kyushu from larger Japan were waged. Kumamoto is also known for Christian martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their faith, or those Christians who had to go into hiding to protect their faith.

Town and Must-see Spots

  • Katoh Kiyomasa Shrine : A shrine honoring Katoh Kiyomasa, located within Kumamoto Castle

  • Hot spirngs

  • One of the world's largest caldera volcanoes is located in Aso. Plant your feet on the ground and hear the rumblings of tens of thousands of years ago.

Movies about the KUMAMOTO Prefecture

  • Hidden Christian Sites in Amakusa (Kumamoto) and Nagasaki (World Heritage)

  • Kumamoto



Village of Takamori : Kamishikimi Kumanoza Shrine

A mystical forest with trees and 100 lanterns lining the path to the entrance of the shrine, the quietness of this place will renew your energy with its power.


Kumamoto Castle

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Kohfuku-ron (Eudaemonics)

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