• City of Fukuoka

City of Fukuoka

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City of Fukuoka 福岡市

The City of Fukuoka has seen an upswing in youth moving in and the population has reached 1.5 million. The city boasts historical tourists sites and many festivals.


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Kushida Shrine

Kushida Shrine Located in central Fukuoka in the corner of the Kawabata shopping district, Kushida Shrine is the shrine dedicated to the Hakata Gion Yamakasa, a festival taking place in July. On the premises is an exotic and gorgeous decorated mountain. From the well designed as a crane holy water from underneath the shrine flows...


Ohori Park

A park located centrally in the City of Fukuoka, the large pond and ambiance makes this park an excellent rest spot. Known as the location used as the outer mote for Nagamasa Kuroda who planned to build Fukuoka Castle here during the feudal days when samurai were in charge of day-to-day life, this was the...



Hana-no-ki Oh-hori Park with a characteristic large pond for an outer moat of Fukuoka Castle, is home to a serious French restaurant with style. Built in 1953, this stately building of Royal Nakasu, has played host to many celebrities including Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio who visited during their honeymoon. The chair and table used...


  • About city of Fukuoka

    The area is just under 5000square km, and is the 9th largest prefecture in Japan. A population of just over 5 million [as of October 2018]. Due to its location and the direction of the wind the yellow sand dust from China causes pollution here referred to as PM2.5. You will see many people wearing cloth face masks. Readily available throughout the city, maybe you can try wearing a mask as well? A new experience.

  • Fukuoka famouse YATAI

    Fukuoka, with its neighborhoods around Hakata Station, Tenshin, and Nakasu is an enjoyable shopping spot with plenty of food stalls lining the streets. Easily accessible by subway or taxi, it’s an evening out you are sure to remember especially if you make your way to one of the outdoor food stalls. These moving restaurants pop up along town at night and those along the river, in the Nakasu district are especially unique. Ramen and oden, yakitori and other street food is available here. Businessmen as well as tourists stop in for a quick meal and a drink. A very casual scene, it’s best to ask for prices before you order. Menus in English, Korean, and Chinese are available at many of these stalls. For specific suggestions and recommendations click on Fukuoka: A City to Encounter Wine.