The City to Encounter Wine : Fukuoka Our recommendations

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Oh-hori Park with a characteristic large pond for an outer moat of Fukuoka Castle, is home to a serious French restaurant with style. Built in 1953, this stately building of Royal Nakasu, has played host to many celebrities including Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio who visited during their honeymoon. The chair and table used by Marilyn Monroe can be seen in a private room, and it is possible to make a reservation to dine at that same seat. Here you can dine on classic and elegant French food while enjoying the spectacular view of the pond and park. A must while in Fukuoka.

02Kushida Shrine

Located in central Fukuoka in the corner of the Kawabata shopping district, Kushida Shrine is the shrine dedicated to the Hakata Gion Yamakasa, a festival taking place in July. On the premises is an exotic and gorgeous decorated mountain. From the well designed as a crane holy water from underneath the shrine flows out and is said to prevent aging while promoting long life. Have a sip. You’ll be surprised by its saltiness, almost harsh in its metallic aftertaste. You can buy a fortune card here in English, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Give it a shot!

03Yatai (outdoor street stall) Unzen

A must while visiting Hakata is the outdoor street stalls lining the Nakasu and Tenjin regions. Look for Yatai Tenjin with the blue noren curtain. Of coursethere is ramen here, but you can also get homemade gyoza, eggs with mentaiko (cod roe), oden, pork skewers and more. The owner is trained in both French and Japanese cuisine and showcases other unique dishes such as asparagus grilled in butter. Pair it with interesting wines available in this little unexpected stall.

04Au Bord d’Eau Fukuoka

A Bordeaux wine bar certified by the Bordeaux Wine Association in France. One of three locations in the world next to New York City and Shanghai. Facing the Nakasu River, the interior is bright and crisp but also maintains anEuropean flair reminiscent of a bar in any European city. Of course the wines are plentiful but here you can also taste items unique to Kyushu such as the smoked chicken from Saga Prefecture.

05Le Chevalier

The French restaurant created by Frenchman SudreNicolas for the people of Fukuoka to enjoy a more relaxed and casual way of enjoying French cuisine. Monsieur Nicola of Bordeaux, France visits French wineries personally to select the wines for this restaurant. Decorated in white, the interior is elegantin its design. The food is a blend of French and Japanese ingredients. It’s visually appealing as well as pleasing to the palette.