Ohori Park

A park located centrally in the City of Fukuoka, the large pond and ambiance makes this park an excellent rest spot. Known as the location used as the outer mote for Nagamasa Kuroda who planned to build Fukuoka Castle here during the feudal days when samurai were in charge of day-to-day life, this was the location 90 years ago for an world expo. Loved by locals, this park spans 398,000 square meters of which over 220,000 square meters is taken up by a pond.

There are four bridges that lead to smaller islands on the pond, some of which house a moon-viewing room. A two-kilometer walking path surrounds the pond and is used as a jogging and walking path for those who visit. A wild bird sanctuary and a children’s park is also on the premises as is a Japanese garden. The boat house rents row boats and pedal boats in the shape of a swan. The art museum is also nearby and a leisurely day strolling the park, followed by a museum visit, ending with a short stop at a nearby café or restaurant is our suggested itinerary.

Ohori Park