• Streets of Makabe City


Streets of Makabe City

Streets of Makabe City

The streets of Makabe was founded upon the Castletown that Mr Makabe, the governor of this area in the final stages of the Warring States Period built, and completed in the early Edo Period, by Nagamasa Asano and his son Nagashige. For 400 years since that time, the position and width of the roads have hardly changed. Due to this fact, the square intersection, a characteristic of a Castletown, which made it difficult for the enemy forces to enter by bending the road twice at right angles still exists to this day.
Traditional stores, townhouses, earthen warehouses of the Edo Period to the early Showa Period line the streets. The area has been designated as a National Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District.

In order to fully appreciate Makabe, the best way is to walk the streets with an old illustrated map in your hand. There are some shops inside the registered cultural buildings where you can purchase unique souvenirs and find some tasty food.



Kiri-e (Cutout) Gallery

A gallery owned by Takako Ishizuka, a local artist of Sakuragawa City. From stained glass to cutouts, from bold works to sensitive ones, you can enjoy different works each season on your stroll through Makabe. The works can be seen through glass.



This is a dyeing craft salon inside what was once a stone storehouse of a sake brewery in the city of Makabe. It’s a gallery introducing kimono and textiles from all parts of Japan. The owner of the store and the young master will kindly explain the craft.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho, Makabe 200-1 Tel: 0296-55-0361 Open Hours and Holidays: Irregular


Makabe walk

Tabi-bito Café TOY BOX

A café with a retro atmosphere in the old city streets of Makabe. Check out the exhibit of the local Makabe product, the temple bell made by Kotabe Casting. Freshly ground coffee, maccha tea and various alcohol beverages are served. Hand-made cakes, beef stew and pasta are popular here.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho, Makabe 152-3 Tel:0296-48-7112 Open 11am to 16pm and 18pm to 21pm Holidays: Thursdays, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays


Miyamoto Meat Shop (Croquette Shop))

Every local knows this famous meat and deli store. “Traditional croquettes” are the specialties of the store. It’s fun taking a stroll along the streets of Makabe with a freshly fried croquette in your hand.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho, Makabe 198-59 Tel:0296-55-0140 Open 10am to 19pm Holidays: Sunday


Old Post Office

The Western style building made of wood and washed-out mortar was built in 1927. Initially, it was the Makabe Branch of Goju Bank but after the war, a floor was built into the central atrium and became the Makabe Post Office.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho Makabe 297


Makabe Folklore Pavilion



【History Museum】


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9am to 16:30pm


Mondays (If Monday falls on a national holiday, then the next weekday) Dec 29 through January 3.


Ibaraki Prefecture, Sakuragawa-City, Makabe-cho, Makabe 198

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