Gosho Komagataki Shrine

Gosho Komagataki Shrine

 This shrine was built in 1014A.D. In the 12th century, a member of the first landowner’s clan in Makabe, Sakurai Ichiro accept the spirit of Takemikaduchino Oomikami from Kashima Shrine and built the shrine on the southeastern corner of Makabe Castle.



The main building built during the mid-Edo Period is a traditional style. Inside the shrine there are exquisite carvings of dragons, phoenixes, and peonies.

【Address:499 Yoshigaya Yamao, Makabe-cho, Sakuragawa-shi】


Makabe Gion Festival

Designated a national intangible folklore cultural asset, this festival(Makabe Gion Festival) that takes place at the Gosho Komagataki Shrine from July 23~26 is one of the most unique festivals you will ever see in Japan. Approximately 80 men accompany the portable shrine on wheels throughout the town. These men include shrine priests and officials as well as local men wearing boater hats and hakama parade through town. It’s as if you’re watching a Miyazaki Hayao movie. Truly a must-see-once event.