• Sakuragawa City Food Information


Sakuragawa City Food Information

Sakuragawa City Food Information

There are many soba shops serving Hitachi Autumn Soba which some claim to be the best quality in Japan. There are also popular Western food restaurants. It’s also fun to munch on tasty bread or croquettes as you stroll through the city. There are many Japanese style sweets shops too that you might want to check in on during your walk.


Store introduction

Iki-iki Satoyama Yuukyoan

An authentic soba shop inside an old traditional thatched roof cottage at the foot of Mount Kaba. Hand-made soba using fresh spring water to make 100% pure buckwheat noodles.
Soba set 1500 yen; Soba with tempura 1000 yen. Reservation is required.

Sakuragawa City, Ohsone 1540 Tel: 090-1118-9795 Open 11am to 14pm Holidays/irregular


Tabi-bito Café TOY BOX

A café with a retro atmosphere in the old city streets of Makabe. Check out the exhibit of the local Makabe product, the temple bell made by Kotabe Casting. Freshly ground coffee, maccha tea and various alcohol beverages are served. Hand-made cakes, beef stew and pasta are popular here.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho, Makabe 152-3 Tel:0296-48-7112 Open 11am to 16pm and 18pm to 21pm Holidays: Thursdays, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays


Miyamoto Meat Shop (Croquette Shop)

Every local knows this famous meat and deli store. “Traditional croquettes” are the specialties of the store. It’s fun taking a stroll along the streets of Makabe with a freshly fried croquette in your hand.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho, Makabe 198-59 Tel:0296-55-0140 Open 10am to 19pm Holidays: Sunday


Sturgeon (Traditional cottage restaurant serving sturgeon)

In Sakuragawa City, sturgeons are being cultured using the city’s clean waters. This restaurant serves sturgeon and caviar dishes. An old traditional cottage has been refurbished as a restaurant.
Miso stewed set 1200 yen, Caviar on canape 500 yen. Take-out available.

Sakuragawa City Makabe Machida 44-4 Tel: 080-2102-2501 Open 11:30 to 17:00 Holidays: Mondays and Tuesdays


Yakuzen Chinese Sabou Mikasa

“Medical Food Source”, “Local product for local consumption”, “Hand-made” are the three principles for this healthy and tasty Chinese restaurant. It’s located at the foot of the mountain and you can enjoy your lunch and dim-sum as you take in the grand nature of the changing seasons.

Sakuragawa City Motoki 4-2 Tel: 0296-54-5009 Open 11am to 14pm, 17pm to 21pm (Sat, Sun, Holidays 14pm to 17pm Dim-sum time) Holiday: Tuesdays


Miharashi-no-Oka Makabe Uribou

A panoramic restaurant on the foothills of Tsukuba. Enjoy the Chef’s specials using local produce; lunch (1800 yen~) and dinner (5000yen ~; need to reserve from 2 days prior to the date of visit) Accommodation is available and can be used as a casual auberge inn.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho, Sakurai 1074-26 Tel; 0296-45-8988 Open 11am to 15pm 18pm~ Holiday: Wednesdays