• Miharashi-no-Oka Makabe Uribou


Miharashi-no-Oka Makabe Uribou

Casual Auberge Uribou

Auberge with a panoramic restaurant on the foothills of Tsukuba. The chef's dishes made with local ingredients are excellent. There is also a large communal bath using Makabe granite, so you can relax. Training camp for 10 or more people is also possible. Pick-up and drop-off is possible from 10 people.
Enjoy the Chef’s specials using local produce; lunch (1800 yen~) and dinner (5000yen ~; need to reserve from 2 days prior to the date of visit) Accommodation is available and can be used as a casual auberge inn.

Sakuragawa City Makabe-cho, Sakurai 1074-26 Tel; 0296-45-8988 Open 11am to 15pm 18pm~ Holiday: Wednesdays


Accommodation introduction


The spacious twin bedroom has a high ceiling. The inn is proud of the grand bath made out of Makabe granite.


Example of Breakfast

Chef’s special menu using plenty of local seasonal products. A big breakfast to start your day!


Example of Dinner

The refined dishes are served beautifully. A treat for the eyes.