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100 yen shops and other Japanese local things

The not-so-secret secret: 100 yen shops

Do stop into one of these shops. They are all over Japan. Under multiple names, Can*Do, Seriya, and DAISO these are Japan’s not-so-secret but not always known gems. Of various sizes, they sell everything from Japanese dishes and plates to stationery to candy and drinks to electronic gear to cleaning supplies. In some stores with a wider variety not everything is 100 yen (108 yen with tax) but everything is extremely reasonably priced and here, you can find something for everyone on your list back home.


Always impeccably clean, Japanese taxis are notorious for their excellence. The drivers are polite, but be aware not all will speak English. If you show them something in writing with the place you want to go, guaranteed they will take you the shortest and best route. No tipping required, and all taxis take credit cards.

A must stop shop: The stationery store

Every major department store will have an extensive section dedicated to pens of every shape, color, and size as well as notebooks, diaries, stationery, painting supplies, and an array of cards. Smaller family-run shops also dot cities and towns. Browse here for hours but beware your wallet might feel lighter after your visit!

Feel like a local: Pasmo and Suica cards

If you’re riding subways and buses in Tokyo we highly recommend you purchase a Pasmo or Suica card. The first time you purchase one there will be a 500 yen charge which you can claim back if you turn the card into any station office when you leave Japan. Rechargeable at any station, all you do is tap the card on the top of the turnstile and the fare is automatically deducted from your card. No need to calculate how much the ticket will cost to your destination. If you happen to not have enough on your card when you arrive you can recharge it on the spot.