TOKYO Prefecture

TOKYO Prefecture東京都

Tokyo is the capital of Japan is and is Japan’s largest city. Here lies the hub of Japan’s central government, culture, and industry and the metropolis has its own exciting energy. Business and tourism mix together alongside very well and it iis a place worth seeing.

Tokyo is made up of many smaller communities, and cities. Most famous are Shibuya, Ginza, Omotesando, Asakusa, Marunouchi, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Akihabara. These we highly recommend. Tokyo has shopping and food, lodging, and enjoyment options for all ages and there are people always around but each section of Tokyo has its unique flavor and characteristics.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has been climbing, currently at around 14 million people. As a tourist-destination city it ranks 14th globally but in 2020 the Summer Olympic Games will be held here and the number of tourists has risen annually leading up to this event.

Tokyo’s population is 13 million 860,000 but including the surrounding suburbs this number rises to around 38 million ranking second to Dehli in India. This fall the Rugby World Cup will be held in various regions throughout the Japan. Many visitors who come to Japan will likely, and we hope visit Tokyo.

Ancient Japanese culture and modern gourmet food are both plentiful here

Town and Must-see Spots

  • Lined with zelkova trees, Omotesando is the main road leading to Meiji Shrine. Many high-end designer brands have stores here. It might remind you of the Champ Elysees in Paris.

  • The most popular partk in Tokyo, this place is filled with young people and pet-lovers. It's also popular with tourists. Large and filled with greenery, on weekends there are many concerts and events.

  • A must-stop for tourists visiting Tokyo, it's the home of Senso-ji, a beautiful and large shrine. Visitors can enjoy "sukiyaki", "tendon", "ningyo-yaki" and other traditional Japanese food here.

  • The city of electronics and anime.

  • The symbol of Tokyo, since the construction of Skytree, it is no longer the tallest tower in Tokyo. Still, the views of Tokyo seen from here and its lighting reminds many of days gone by.

  • World-famous Shibuya Scramble is an intersection said to have 1000-3000 people crossing at a time. It's also a fashion haven for the younger generation, specifically for those in their teens through their thirties.

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