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“TOKYO LIGHTS”, which started in 2021, is a light festival that sends messages for the future as a new Tokyo tradition.
The word “LIGHTS” in TOKYO LIGHTS has various meanings, such as “vision” indicating future possibilities, “innovativeness” indicating expressive technology, “human resources” who will be responsible for the future, and “community” that nurtures and gathers them.  This is an event that collects these “lights” and uses their chemical reactions to send a shining message of hope from Tokyo to the world. The centerpiece of the event, one of the world’s largest international projection mapping competitions, will project works from around the world onto the huge, historic building called Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery, providing a rare opportunity to experience an overwhelming and high-quality visual experience. In the Festival of Lights area, light art and advanced entertainment content are arranged to give you the feeling of traveling through an extraordinary world of light, and you can have a wide variety of experiences throughout the area.

TOKYO LIGHTS Web site (JPN)https://tokyolights.jp

TOKYO LIGHTS Web site (ENG)https://tokyolights.jp/en/

Enjoy Asia’s largest international projection mapping competition and immersive laser illumination. The festival of lights “TOKYO LIGHTS” is first-come, first-served, but free standing tickets are available. Why not go to an event where you can enjoy the autumn night sky?

1minute Projection Mapping Competition

The 1minute Projection Mapping Competition is a one-of-a-kind competition where you can see high-level and unique works from all over the world all at the same venue. Each time they compete on a different production theme, and in 2023, with the theme of “LINK”, they will compete for the title of world’s best projection mapping work and a prize of 2 million yen for the first place with short projection mapping works of less than 1 minute. This year, we received 281 entries from 58 countries and regions around the world (the most ever). This competition, which attracts attention from all over the world, is a globally influential video festival that gives top prize winners an opportunity to perform on the world stage.

1minute Projection Mapping Competition公式サイト:https://1minute-pm.com/

〜 Profile 〜

Projection mapping international competition

「1minute Projection Mapping Competition」General producer

石多 未知行

Michiyuki Ishita

TOKYO LIGHTS 2023 producer

Colors Creation Co., Ltd. CEO

Representative Director, Projection Mapping Association, General Incorporated Foundation.


He works both domestically and internationally as an artist and director who captures images as light and expresses space, creating unique works and projects. He established a projection mapping industry organization, which is involved in a wide range of activities including international conventions, special exhibitions, international projects, commercial planning, tourism and public projects, and human resource development through seminars and workshops. He is also a leading international figure who has worked on many projects that take advantage of the characteristics of each region, and is often invited to produce, give lectures, and serve as a judge at international festivals and national projects overseas.

「TOKYO LIGHTS」Event overview




Venue: Meiji Jingu Gaien Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery/Meiji Jingu Gaien Softball Stadium.

Date and time: Friday, September 8th – Sunday, September 10th, 2023 | Please check the opening and closing times below.


▶︎ September 10th 2023【International convention/award ceremony】19:00~20:50
Please note that you must reserve a ticket (first-come, first-served, free) to enter the international convention viewing area.
Click here to apply for tickets