• 33nd Tokyo International Film Festival (2020)


33nd Tokyo International Film Festival (2020)


The 33rd annual TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2020 is underway around the Ropongi area on Tokyo.


Venues :TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills, EX THEATER ROPPONGI, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Tokyo International Forum, KAGURAZA


You can download the. TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2020 guide here……………



    This years ambassador is 「Koji Yakusho」.

Due to covid 19 there have been many changes to how the film festival is managed and run.

Social distancing within enclosed facilties and the supply of hygiene gel requires participants to enter a lottery type selection process. While a number of media and overseas guests have been unable to attend.

With all these challenges the on stage chairperson still thanked the Asian director for coming and contributing to this acclaimed film festival.

One film gaining attention from director Lim called Come and Go. Shows the journey of different Asian people coming to Japan and the mix of the different cultures and the challenges they encounter while trying to keep their own identity and blend in and assimilate with Japan.

Screening Works

The mix of movies from Asian countries and around the world

『Japanese Animation』 Category

Japanese animated films are screening too


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